10 Ways To Go Even Lighter

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Not as tired, fewer pains, less stuff to manage, easier to unpack and repack – what’s not to love about lightening up a backpacking load.

And that goes for the hiking daypack, too! We love figuring out ways to make our equipment multi-task. We know you will too. Plan ahead, that alone can be a game changer. We know you’re going to love this.

Weigh that gear…We’ll see you on the trails!

ultralight backpacking tips

When you’re hiking and camping, one of the best ways to maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors is to minimize the weight that you’re carrying.

Consider The Big Three

The three heaviest pieces of equipment that you’ll be carrying will probably be your tent, your backpack and your sleeping bag. Consider lightening your load by choosing lightweight options.  Maybe a tarp, a bivy sack or a hammock tent will suffice.

Weigh, Measure And Itemize Everything

Keep a running list of every piece of kit and equipment, along with its weight. While this might seem like overkill, it will help you to honestly consider whether or not you actually need them. Don’t forget to count items used to organize your kit, like stuff sacks and dry sacks.

Take Less Stuff

Take only what you need, and leave the rest at home.

Ultra Light Backpacking means packing smarter and seeing more

Take Lighter Stuff

As technology improves, gear gets lighter and lighter. You can get a good three-season sleeping bag that weighs under two pounds, for instance.

Think About What’s On Your Feet

Depending on the terrain, the climate and your body, you might find that lighter trail shoes are a better fit than heavy leather boots. No matter what footwear you choose, make sure that your shoes or boots are well broken in before you go out on a long hike.

Give Yourself Enough Time To Plan

If you know where you’re going and what you’re going to need, then it becomes easier to figure out what you can leave behind.

For ultra light backpacking, ever ounce counts.
For ultra light backpacking, ever ounce counts.

Choose Things That Can Multi-Task

Look for ways that your gear can do double-duty to help you reduce your load.

Get Rid Of The Unnecessary

Get rid of any extra packaging that you don’t need. While each little bit that you remove might not weigh much on its own, those ounces can add up.

Condition Yourself

No matter how light your bag is, if you’re not used to walking long distances it’s going to be hard work at first. Build up to your hike by carrying your pack over shorter distances, slowly increasing the weight until you can carry it comfortably.


Don’t Forget Food And Water

Do some research to figure out which would be most practical: carrying extra water, carrying a filter, or carrying purification tablets. Food will also add weight to your pack. The weight of food and water make it even more important to lighten the rest of your load.

Lightening your backpack can be a very time-consuming task. It takes a certain dedication to weigh, measure, compare and think carefully about every single thing that you slip into your bag. However, it will be well worth the effort when you feel like you’re flying along that path!


Thanks to The Camping Canuck:

Sharing is Caring!
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