The Ultimate Hiking Gear Guide – For Dogs

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If the trail allows it, our dog goes with us!

We don’t have a doggy backpack yet – no overnight trips so far – but we love the Gulpy!

And don’t forget doggy hiking boots can be used in the snow and ice. Our dogs have all loved the snow!

Bring lots of water, that’s our advice.

… we’re hitting the road and taking our furry friends with us. But when you explore the rugged outdoors with your dog in tow, keep his needs in mind.

Protect Those Paws

Although your dog’s calloused paw pads can handle a stroll on the sidewalk or beach, rocky and rugged terrain is another story. Paw pads aren’t shoes, after all. Protect those paw pads with doggy hiking boots.

“Not only will it protect their paws in rugged terrain, it can also help with hot asphalt on a warm day,” trainer Beverly Ulbrich adds.


Trex boots are highly rated and available at REI or online.


The rugged outsole can hold up to wear and tear and the breathable mesh keeps dirt and bugs out while keeping your dog comfy.

For most dogs, putting shoes on for the first time will be a little uncomfortable.

“The main thing would be to get them used to it because a lot of dogs might find it strange to not have the feeling of their paw pads on the ground,” Ulbrich explains. “They will feel like they don’t actually have good footing. They have to learn to trust the shoe and trust the traction of it.”

You’ll have to ease your dog into wearing the shoes, but once he is used to them, he shouldn’t mind them at all, knowing he’s going on a trip.

Carry Supplies

While you’re trekking through nature, you’ll need water, snacks, and other supplies-also consider a canine first-aid kit. You can carry a hiking pack for convenience, but so can your dog.

Photo via Flickr Commons.

These doggy backpacks strap around his back and are typically padded for comfort and are moisture resistant. Just make sure not to weigh your dog down too much.

Some packs, like Ruffwear, come with reflective strips so you can easily spot your dog in low visibility.

Portable Goodies

Water bowls are bulky and inconvenient to carry, and everyone knows dogs can’t drink out of water bottles. But now they can! Portable water bottles that convert to bowls are very handy and inexpensive, too. My favorite brand is Gulpy, which comes in various sizes.  Gulpy clips onto your waistband, making it very convenient to carry.

If your dog will be going for a swim, consider a life preserver, especially in a river where currents can be deceiving.

And if the weather is going to be especially hot on your hike, remember your dog is wearing a fur coat. Keep him comfortable with a cooling vest —drop the vest in water, wring it out, and fasten it on your dog for instant relief from the heat.

The Bottom Line

Dogs love spending time outdoors, but consult the dog hiking gear guide to make sure you’ve got the gear to keep your furry friends safe and hydrated on your trip.

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Sharing is Caring!
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