Shhh…Secret! Hiking Trails in Austin

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Fabulous Austin! Check out these hikes to get out of the city.

They may not be totally hidden. And it isn’t really a secret, afterall, WE know about them! But they aren’t so popular that you can’t get away from the crowds.

So, check them out. Evening or weekend. They are close to downtown and quickly accessible.

See you on the Barton Creek Greenbelt or on the trails!

Outdoor enthusiasts are pretty lucky here in Austin. For those who have ran the trail and hiked The Greenbelt countless times, we’ve put together a list of our favorite hidden gems in Austin. All the trails are free and are within a 30 minute drive from downtown. Check ’em out!

1. For the challenger – River Place Nature Trail

Surrounded by greenery and tall trees, this trail will take you to a different world; a world that is shaded and cooler (great for the hot, summer months). Make sure you stop at the creeks and waterfall to cool off.

Distance: 5.5-6 miles (round trip; no loop)
Dog friendly: Yes
2. For the explorer – Walnut Creek Trail

This neck of the woods is a popular spot for both hikers and mountain bikers. Comprised of a huge, 15-mile mass of land, Walnut Creek is an explorer’s dream. With multiple winding paths and few obstacles, undertaking part of the trail is perfect for beginners. The hike offers plenty of overlooks. And of course, cool down in the beautiful creek on the way down.

Distance: 15 mile loop
Dog friendly: Yes; on a leash


3. For the solitude seeker – Turkey Creek Trail

This trail is a very cool, secluded spot where you’ll find a creek that runs along the trail.

Distance: 2.8 mile loop
Dog Friendly: Yes
4. For the peaceful adventurer – St. Edwards Park

St. Edwards Park is a perfect balance between finding peace and chasing adventure. Surrounded by forest-like areas, there are lots of hidden trails, great elevation, phenomenal views, a waterfall, and a creek.

Distance: 2-4 mile loop
Dog Friendly: Yes; dogs must be on a leash
5. Don’t forget about the convenience of Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

Located off of Loop 360. It’s a short trail comprised of multiple paths and terrain. There are multiple overlooks that show off a great view of Austin.

Distance: 2.5 mile round trip
Dog Friendly: No

Thanks to Danielle McIntosh and
Images from Austin365

Sharing is Caring!
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