How Are Kate Winslet and President Obama Alike?

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They’re both famous, right? Right.

If you guessed ‘Big Ice’ you are halfway right!

But the whole answer is – Hiking. And Hiking with Bear Grylls. And, appearing on NBC’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Kate Winslet did some hiking and climbing in Wales – Snowdonia National Park – and got in a few more Titanic moments.

Obama had an agenda to raise awareness of Global Warming. Filming took place at Exit Glacier in Alaska.


RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS -- "Kate Winslet" Episode 204 -- Pictured: (l-r) Bear Grylls, Kate Winslet -- (Photo by: Mark Challender/NBC)

Obama has always been a slightly different President to what we’d expect. It’s got to the point where we’re not surprised by what he does anymore.

That is, until now. He’s joining Bear Grylls on his TV show, Running Wild,  whilst they trek through Alaska.

There is good reason behind this stunt, as they’re hoping to highlight climate change whilst they face the three day hike through the Exit Glacier, a south Alaskan river of ice that has shrunk by 1.25 miles over recent decades.


Bear Grylls is a survival expert who is really good at drinking his own wee and then talking celebrities into it.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to see the President drink his own urine, you’re out of luck as Bear has already confirmed that this won’t be happening via Twitter after a petition was made to get Obama to drink his own p*ss.

For an episode of his NBC show Running Wild, he has managed to get Barack Obama to accompany him around Alaska’s barren landscape.

The president said himself that his purpose is to raise awareness on the impact of climate change.

He took reporters to a series of signposts, which showed how far the Exit Glacier had receded in the last few years.

The glacier has been receding at rate of 43 feet a year, according to the National Park Service.

Ultimately, the main goal is for the White House to create some images that will engage more Americans in the climate change debate, which is much more serious than many like to believe.

One man, who is already a fan of this, is Grylls himself.
 photo of Kate and Bearby Mark Challender/NBC
photos of President Obama from the Whitehouse Instagram feed
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