Florida! Uniquely Beautiful Hiking!

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Panthers, Gators and Bears! Oh, My!

8 gorgeous trails here. Start dreaming. And planning! Florida has so much to offer. These 8 trails are just a start in a long list of uniquely beautiful trails.

You’ll find out why Florida is home to one of only 11 National Scenic Trails!

A big shout out to our Florida members – Beautiful State!

Florida has some of the most beautiful state parks featuring some of the most amazing wildlife in the country. Take the time to disconnect from our hectic modern world and unwind in one of these places, and I promise you will not regret it.

1. Ocala National Forest

1. Ocala National Forest

The Big Scrub is 360,000 acres of hiking heaven. Ocala’s 75-mile section of the 1,300-mile Florida National Scenic Trail is widely considered one of the best and most beautiful. Here you’ll find bountiful hills, ponds, pine forest and boardwalks through cypress and gum swamps.

2. Withlacoochee State Forest

2. Withlacoochee State Forest

Named one of the “10 Coolest Places You’ve Never Been in North America” by the World Wildlife Fund, Withlacoochee (located in western central Florida) offers camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding and seasonal fishing and hunting.


4. Big Shoals State Park

5. Big Shoals State Park

Big Shoals is located approximately a mile east of White Springs, FL, and home to the largest whitewater rapids in Florida. If thrill-seekers come at the right time, they can kayak down the Suwanee in class III whitewater rapids. It’s also a terrific hiking spot.


5. Big Cypress National Preserve

9. Big Cypress National Preserve

Most of the trail at this unique park is underwater, so come prepared to wade more than hike. Watch out for alligators!


6. Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

12. Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

Forested swamp featuring diverse wildlife, including panthers and black bears. Also the home of the legendary ghost orchid.



7. Blue Spring State Park

14. Blue Spring State Park

At Blue Spring State Park, not only is the water a beautiful bright blue, endangered manatees are actually present in large numbers. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived here so long, but I think they are adorable!


8. Florida Caverns State Park

15. Florida Caverns State Park

The only place the public can visit caverns in Florida. It’s located in the panhandle, but I bet it’s worth the drive.



There’s just no way to include every amazing place to hike in the Sunshine State. Please share some of your favorites with us below!

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Sharing is Caring!
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