Best Outdoor Apps – Post #2

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Do you have any for napping?

A friend stopped by and asked what we were working on and when he was told, ” a post about apps,” he heard ‘naps.’ He’s very excited that there might be something to help him nap on the trail, avoiding sun and bugs. We set him straight…after a good laugh…and told him to get a hammock.

There aren’t any apps we’ve found on naps, but we’ve got some for you. Don’t forget about our previous post on Outdoor apps: see them at

See you on the Trails!



Chimani National Parks App (Android, iOS)

If you’re a fan of the USA’s national parks or are planning a holiday, check out the Chimani National Parks app (Android, iOS). The app provides users with a broad database of national parks, providing their geographic locations, an overview of attractions and historical data, as well as links to their official websites. Look up historical parks, monuments, battlefields, memorials, parkways, scenic trails and more. An in-app purchase unlocks a national parks news feed, and the “Other Apps” menu includes links to more detailed Chimani guides to specific parks.

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AccuWeather (Android, iPad, iPhone) (Free)

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time out of doors, you’ll want to have an accurate weather report so you can plan ahead. AccuWeather (Android, iOS) is one of our favorite mobile weather apps, with accurate, localized hourly and daily forecasts, as well as detailed radar maps, weather news, and extreme weather alerts. Recent updates are delivering even more innovations to AccuWeather, with a new MinuteCast feature delivering extremely accurate hyper-localized weather forecasts for the next 2 hours.


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MotionX GPS (iOS) ($0.99)

MotionX GPS is a navigation app aimed squarely at the outdoor sportsman and fitness buff. A GPS-based map and navigation app, MotionX has numerous downloadable maps available online, such as road, terrain maps and NOAA marine charts, as well as numerous search options for finding tracks and destinations. A track recording and waypoint function lets you define your own routes or follow an pre-determined one, while the activity tracker records your total time, speed and distance traveled. Best of all, offline map storage allows you to keep your bearings even when away from a mobile connectivity.

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GPS Essentials (Android)

GPS Essentials is a free Android GPS app that is filled to the brim with options, features, and widgets. A ridiculously configurable dashboard can be set to display a wealth of navigational and route data, while route and track functions let you set and manage waypoints on a map and import or export them into a variety of formats. An augmented reality HUD feature is even available, allowing for easier orienteering with the use of your smartphone camera as a viewfinder.

Don’t miss the app on Page 2 (Click below)…Coolest way to game your hike!

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