Make This New Year’s Resolutions About HIKING! Day 1

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New Year’s Resolutions aren’t all about weight loss and earning more money!

For the next 4 days, we’ll give you two Resolutions for your hiking Each Day…think about them, put them on your list for 2016, or let them inspire you to think up a goal of your own. Interested?

Let’s Get Started: Day 1 brings you 2 Resolutions that pair nicely: Spend A Night In The Woods and Learn To Poop In The Woods.

Some of the most amazing nights we’ve spent have been in the woods…unbelievable stars, sunrises unimpeded by cityscapes.  We can’t say enough great things about backpacking. The other is inevitable, hehe.

This is a great time of year to reflect and to set new goals. Let’s make 2016 our best year yet!

Enjoy! See you on the trails!


New Year’s Resolution Idea List

Spend a night in the woods

If you enjoy car camping, you’ll love backpacking! Explore more with everything you need on your back. We break it down with what you really need so you can get out without carrying fifty pounds. You won’t even miss your frying pan!

A backpacking trip involves carrying all of your gear on your back to stay outside for a night or longer. Backpacking may involve camping inside a tent or inside a wooden shelter or hut along a trail.You may think it’s hard to take the plunge to become a backpacker, but with a little prep work and purchasing a few key items, you may find yourself hitting the trail quicker than you’d expect! Backpackers are rewarded with pristine wilderness, uncrowded trails, minimally impacted land and solitude.


credit: Steven S.

The feeling of working together and traveling with everything you need to survive on your back is very freeing and addictive.

You may be boggled at how you can possibly carry everything you need to hike and camp in the woods for multiple days.


What Outdoor Gear Should I Bring?

Backpacking involves much of the same gear that campers and day hikers use, but in most cases, the items need to be more compact and lighter.

The most important items needed for a successful backpacking trip include a shelter, backpack, sleep system, cooking setup, and water filtration.


A shelter will provide you protection from a storm, some privacy from other campers, and keep bugs at bay. When choosing a backpacking tent, focus on finding the right balance between weight, size, and price. Research the area you will be backpacking in to be sure your shelter is ideal for the conditions you may encounter on the trail and offers enough room for those sleeping in it and your gear.

An overnight backpack will hold everything you need for your trip so it is best to purchase one after you get the rest of your gear together. This way you will know what size backpack you will need. You may be required to bring a bear canister to protect your food from bears and other critters. If this is the case, you will need an overnight backpack that can fit one inside. It is important to learn how to properly fit a backpack so you have an enjoyable trip.

A sleep system will typically include a sleeping bag and an inflatable or ultralight foam pad. Research overnight temperatures for where you will be camping to choose the right temperature rating for your sleeping bag.

A backpacking stove is the easiest and safest way to cook your food on a overnight trip. You can cook your food in a pot and eat right out of it to eliminate needing to bring additional bowls.

Water Filter pretreatment. It is important to always treat your water before drinking it. You can use a lightweight filter or chemical treatment drops to make the water safe to drink. Even if the water looks clean, you should always treat it to avoid getting sick.


credit: @christyrosander

Things to Remember

Focus on paring down what you take with you to a minimum without sacrificing comfort. Remember that everyone’s needs and abilities are different so do what feels right for you. Start off by spending a night in the woods with your gear to see what works for you and what doesn’t. You will feel more prepared and become even more excited for a longer backpacking trip!

Resolution #2 is on Page 2! If you want to learn how to properly poop in the woods, click below:

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